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FastDosBox v1.5

A fast dosbox fork for Raspberry PI

Key Features

  • Speed of a 386DX @ 25Mhz thanks to dynrec x86 emulation

  • 1080p native resolution,splendid upscaling using dispmanx (GPU aided)

  • Based on the sources Dosbox SVN and Dosbox 0.74

  • Between 200% to 250% the speed of Raspbian dosbox v 0.74

  • Console only, no support for X11

  • Can Run Microsoft Windows 3.x

Developer's Description

FastDosbox is an enhanced fork of Dosbox, highly optimised for Raspberry Pi.

FastDosbox offers one of the best experience of the 90's PC Retro gaming on Raspberry Pi hardware.

DOS (Disk Operating System) is / was the operating system for PC prior to the Microsoft Windows era. Between 1981 and 1995, DOS was dominating the market for the IBM PC platform (x86).

During almost 15 years of technology all kind of applications and games have been released, probably thousands of games that constitute an invaluable legacy for any Retro Gamers.

Many companies decided to re-release these old DOS games using the principle of emulation that simulates the behavior of a PC hardware and Operating System from the 1981-1995 era.

Several DOS emulators have been released to work across modern platforms like Windows, OSX, Linux, Android. DOSBox is one of the most popular and most complete as it offers all the different features of these old-school PC.

These last years DOSBox started to be a mandatory program for anyone who likes Retro gaming, this is why NoRisc-NoFun decided to bring to the Raspberry Pi community the best possible version of DOSBox called FastDOSBox.

Quick start :
The usage is similar to Dosbox if you are familiar with it.
A quick way to start your favorite DOS program is to give the .exe file as an argument to fastdosbox.
Eg :
pi@raspberrypi ~ $
pi@raspberrypi ~ $ cd dos_testing/C/DOOM/
pi@raspberrypi ~/dos_testing/C/DOOM $ fastdosbox DOOM.EXE

To exit, type 'exit' on the command prompt

Further Documentation available at http://www.norisc-nofun.co.uk/docs/The_Black_Art_of_DOS_emulation_for_RPI.pdf

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Follow FastDosBox v1.5.

Fastdosbox is a fork of dosbox, based on the sources of dosbox SVN. It brings to Raspbian the dynrec x86 emulation.
In other words a boost of 250% over the official version.



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