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Iridium Rising

3D multiplayer battles, in space!

Key Features

  • Real-time multiplayer space battles

  • 3D graphics optimized for the Raspberry Pi

  • Race against others or the clock

  • Group together to defeat or defend capital ships

Developer's Description

Become a space fighter pilot in Iridium Rising!

Far from home, the Eltan and Xilari races battle for supremacy.  Join in epic space battles to further the fight, taking part in missions to escort civilians through enemy territory or destroy enemy battle cruisers.  Participate in challenging races against the clock or your friends to hone your flying skills.

All games take place in a shared online universe so you can play with your friends or against other human players, not just AI.

Iridium Rising is still under development, but we hope you agree it is a promising start to a multiplayer game for the Pi - do let us have your feedback!  We haven't had many users on the servers yet, so please bear with us as we iron out any problems that come up as more people join in the games.

We work on Iridium Rising in our spare time and we're giving it away for free.  However, if you enjoy the game, please consider making a donation to help cover server running costs and our development time.

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Fight and race with your friends in Iridium Rising, a 3D multiplayer space combat game.



3.5 stars (59 votes)



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