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Open Arena

A completely free game for the Quake III engine

Developer's Description

Open Arena is a free, network enabled, multiplayer, first person shooter based on the ioquake3 fork of the id tech 3 engine.

It aims to be a free software clone of Quake III Arena, retaining its gameplay while replacing the propietary content with brand new free content.

It features many game types, including the traditional deathmatch, and sports a varied cast of characters.  Due to violent and occasional racy content, it is unsuitable for children under the age of 17.

Engine built from source here;

Engine license;

Open Arena 0.8.8 from here;

Open Arena license;


  • SOUND. If your sound does not work it is likely that you have pulse audio installed.  You can remove pulse audio by typing sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio at the command line (then reboot).  This will not adversely affect your system.  You might also need to add a line saying hdmi_drive=2 in the file /boot/config.txt.
  • MULTIPLAYER. Please be aware that the Internet screen under Multiplayer will fill with games that are not compatible.  You will find it difficult to locate a usable game server there.  Trying to join an incompatible server will make the game close.
  • For multiplayer games your best option is to create your own server locally and play with other people on your LAN.
  • If you want to attempt large games (8 or more players) it is recommended that you use a dedicated server.  This is a text only program which just takes care of loading the map and the communication between players, nothing more.  It will provide a significant performance increase.  See below for how.
  • Graphical performance can be improved by turning down the graphics detail (setup>system>graphics).  Try GL Extensions to Off, Light map to Vertex, Geometric detail to Low and Texture detail to low (left most toggle).
  • Performance can be further increased by reducing screen resolution.  This is recommended if you want to play competitively in a tournament.  Add a line saying hdmi_mode=1 to the file /boot/config.txt and reboot.  This will put your Pi into VGA mode (640 x 480).

Running the game without the Pi Store

  • Some shortcut commands are created so that you can run the game without having to go into X windows and then the Pi Store.  These will only work after the first reboot following installation.  Here is how to use them.
  • Enter the following at the command line after you log in (do not use startx);
  • openarena (for the game)
  • oadedicated (for the dedicated server)

Running a dedicated server

  • Enter the following at the command line after you log in (do not use startx);
  • oadedicated
  • Lots of text will scroll up, when it stops you will see Opening IP socket.
  • Press enter once, you'll see a right angle bracket ].  This is the server console prompt.
  • Enter the following command;
  • map oa_dm3
  • This is one of the good old deathmatch maps from Quake One.  More text will scroll up, when you see the prompt again the server is ready for players to join.
  • Say "Go" to the other players.

Dedicated server commands

  • To change the map enter map *mapname* (e.g. oa_dm1)
  • To add bots enter addbot *botname* (e.g. tony)
  • To get a list of bots enter botlist
  • To see what the scores are enter status
  • To kick a player enter kick n (where n is the player number in the status / scores list).  This is also how you remove a bot.
  • To shut down the server enter quit
  • Go here for more info;

Playing on the dedicated server

  • You can also play the game on the dedicated server if desired.  But you must log in on another console.
  • Press ALT-F2 and you'll see a new login prompt.
  • Login with your normal user and password.
  • Enter the following at the command line after you log in (do not use startx);
  • openarena
  • To get back to the server console, you'll need to quit the game and press ALT-F1.

Playing over the Internet

  • You can make your game server available over the Internet by forwarding port 27960, on your router, to your Pi.  Then other Pi users can go Multiplayer>Specify and enter your IP address.
  • To find out your public IP address enter whats my ip into Google.
  • For help with port forwarding; go here and look up your router;

Happy fragging!

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Adult Only


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Open Arena is a free, network enabled, multiplayer first person shooter based on the Quake III engine.



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