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A web application to manage your raspberry pi.

Key Features

  • Service management for stopping or starting services

  • Update management for updating the underlying Linux distribution with a simple click

  • GPIO management for controlling the pins on the Raspberry Pi (special thanks to the author of wiringPi for his excellent open source program)

  • General purpose information of the system (memory usage, disk capacity, ip, cronjobs, swap usage)

  • Tightvnc is provided, by setting up a vncboot service and enabling users to use tightvnc java applet to access the system by the tightvnc viewer (special thanks to tightvnc for their open source tightvnc client)

  • Power management for rebooting or powering off the system with a simple click

  • File manager for browsing and downloading files fast and easy

  • Firewall management for managing access according to protocols and IP addresses

  • Pi camera controller, take snapshots, live streaming capability from internal LAN

Developer's Description


The pi-web-agent is a web application that aims to provide a more user friendly way of interacting with the Raspberry Pi and performing basic tasks by eliminating the need of using the command line directly.

How to use

After starting the pi-web-agent service by executing run.sh or sudo /etc/init.d/pi-web-agent start , you can access the application with your browser via either https://raspberrypi:8003 or https://ip_address_of_your_pi:8003 if your internet router does not resolve hostnames to IPs. To access the application inside your Pi just access the local host without https:

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You may modify and use the asset in your projects (including commercial projects) for the same platform. Standalone redistribution not permitted. The developer must be credited.

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This is a web-app agent for the raspberry pi. It allows you to interact easily with your Pi via your browser.



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