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Pi-Cars Software Tool Box

Software to help you write programs to control your Pi-Car

Key Features

  • 'Scratchet' Program to enable Scratch to communicate with Pi-Cars

  • Python jump start code

  • Scratch driving lessons files

  • Enables you to use Scratch to control your Pi-Car

  • Example Python code to move your Pi-Car around

  • 'Driving Lesson' Scratch tutorial files

Developer's Description

Tool box that provides all the bits and pieces that you need to get up and running with your Pi-Car. It provides the following components:

  • 'Scratchet' - program that enables you to use Scratch to talk with your Pi-Car through the GPIO pins.
  • Python 'Jump Start' code that enables you to quickly move your Pi-Car around.
  • Scratch 'Driving Lesson' files - files that help you learn how to use Scratch as shown in the 'Under the bonnet' section on www.pi-cars.com.
  • Python 'Driving Lesson' files - python source code that helps you learn about Python as detailed in the 'Under the bonnet' section on www.pi-cars.com

It provides a program that lets you communicate with your Pi-Car from Scratch as well as other Scratch files as examples of how you can move your Pi-Car around.

It also provides Python code for making your Pi-Car move around.

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Create programs in Scratch and Python to get your Pi-Car to do whatever you want it to!



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