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PiCon for Raspbian + Plugin

The Raspberry Pi Configuration Manager

Key Features

  • Overclocking and video output control. Notice! Launch it using the desktop icon.

Developer's Description

PiCon - The Raspberry Pi Configuration Manager is an application which makes it easier to configure your Raspberry Pi. You can change the video mode, aspect ratio, screen rotation, overscan, and of course, overclocking, and much more. You can easily save your settings as presets so that you can have different settings for different applications (different TVs, monitors, etc.). This one also comes with an overscan plugin, which makes it much more easy to configure the overscan settings on Raspberry Pi.

PiCon is written in Java to be platform independent. It can be run on a host computer for easy configuration. To run the application on Windows or Mac, put the SDCard into your host computer and run the PiCon.jar file from the boot partition. To run PiCon on Raspberry Pi use the desktop icon. Running on Raspberry Pi may take up to a minute to start. If you don't see a desktop icon, open a terminal and type sudo cp /boot/PiCon.desktop /home/[username]/Desktop

PiCon has been featured on Make, Lifehacker, Adafruit and more.

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PiCon - The Raspberry Pi Configuration Manager, makes it easier to configure your Raspberry Pi. Use desktop icon to launch.



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