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Asterisk for Raspberry Pi

Asterisk and FreePBX, a powerful and feature-rich PBX system

Developer's Description

After installation has completed, access the FreePBX web GUI from any computer on your network by entering your Raspberry Pi's IP address into the address line of your web browser. Log into FreePBX with username admin / password admin and start to explore the extensive feature set. Additional modules can be installed on the Module Admin page.

For documentation and updates check our main website at http://raspbx.org

A brief introduction on the first steps after installation can be found on our Documentation page.

A few notes about installation:

Installation takes around 45 minutes to complete and requires 700MB free space on your root partition. A 4GB or larger SD card is recommended, with the root partition expanded to fill the whole card. All required software packages will be downloaded from repositories, on slower internet connections installation can take longer than 45 minutes. Please reboot your Pi when the installation is done.

Asterisk and the Apache web server need considerable amount of RAM. Especially on the 256 MB model RAM might become quite low when running X Windows at the same time. To overcome this you can either shut down X Windows (or not boot into X Windows at all), and use the FreePBX web GUI from another computer on the network. Or if you want to work with X Windows, shut down Apache from a root shell:

service apache2 stop

Asterisk can be shut down with

amportal stop

To start them again run

service apache2 start

amportal start

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Have Asterisk and FreePBX, the most powerful open source PBX system on your Raspberry Pi! Business Phone System / IP PBX, VoIP Gateway, Voicemail Server, Conference Bridge, Call Center, IVR Server, and many other applications...



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