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Monitor and graph everthing connected to your Raspberry Pi

Key Features

  • Easy to install: RPi-Monitor doesn't require additionnal sofware to work.

  • Easy to use: Rpi-Monitor have a web interface accessible from you favorite browser.

  • A question? The answer is certainly available in the blog of the application. Ref. RPi-Experience's link on the right.

Developer's Description

Install RPi-Monitor, open your browser (Firefox, Chromium or Google-Chrome) and browse http://RaspberryPi_IP_Address:8888/. Enjoy!

RPi-Monitor is keeping an eye on your Raspberry Pi and presenting the globale health in a status page and graphs

Status of Raspberry Pi

The status page presents a summary of:

  • Version: Installed and is it up to date?
  • Uptime: Current clock of the Raspberry Pi and how long is it running.
  • CPU: Load average, and CPU configuration.
  • Temperature: Current temperature measured in the CPU
  • Memory: Amount of memory available
  • Swap: Swap usage
  • SD Card: Disk usage for partition boot and root
  • Network: Volume of data exchanged on the network

The data extracted are also stored into RRD database and presented as graphs.

Statistics of Raspberry Pi

  • CPU Loads
  • Network
  • Disk Boot
  • Disk Root
  • Swap
  • Memory
  • Uptime
  • Temperature

The landing page is proposing a QRCode which can be read be a smartphone to directly access to RPi-Monitor web interface.

RPi-Monitor is designed to be customisable to fit you specific needs. You will for instance found in this blog some tutorial explaining how to:

  • Use data coming from DHT22 humidity and temperature probe
  • How to install a WiFi dongle and monitor it with RPi-Monitor
  • How to monitor additional disk and external temperature probes

To learn all the possibilities offered by RPi-Monitor, have a look to its dedicated blog. See the link on the right of this page.

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Monitor in real time your Raspberry Pi and the connected sensors.



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