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The MagPi - Issue 01

A magazine for Raspberry Pi users

Developer's Description

Welcome to issue 1 of The MagPi, a magazine for Raspberry Pi users.

In this issue we take a look at how computing has changed over the years, the fall in programming and the ethos behind the establishment of the Raspberry Pi foundation.

We introduce the Skutter project, have some great hardware and software tips, along with introducing the reader to programming languages particularly Scratch and Python.

We hope you enjoy...

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The MagPi is a community-led magazine aimed at all levels of reader.

This first issue contains some history of computing and how it's changed over the years, along with an introduction to programming with Scratch and Python.



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  • Want a video for the build process of @Wee_Grumphie's Sequencer in issue 37? It's online right now: https://t.co/qhc8QwFY8L


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