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IndieCity Content Ratings

IndieCity has the following rating system in place to ensure that games are clearly labelled for the age group to which they are most suitable. Ratings provide guidance to consumers to help decide whether the game is suitable to purchase or not for the end-user. IndieCity uses both age ratings and content descriptors to help the consumer distinguish whether the game contains suitable content for the end-user.

Age Ratings

Age ratings are overall age groups in which a game fits.

  • These games can be enjoyed by everyone.
  • Games that are unsuitable for children under the age of 13. Refer to the content descriptors for more detail.
  • The games are considered suitable for adults only. Refer to the content descriptors for more detail.

Content Descriptors:

Content descriptors give a more specific indication of what the game contains.

  • Alcohol
  • Colour Blind Accessible
  • Comic Violence
  • Criminal Activity
  • Deaf Accessible
  • Discrimination
  • Drugs
  • Epilepsy Warning
  • Extreme Violence
  • Fear
  • Gambling
  • Game Controller Required
  • Nudity
  • Online Gameplay
  • Remappable Controls
  • Sex
  • Strong Language
  • User-Generated Content
  • Violence
  • Weird